uTorrent Is Moving To Your Web Browser, Will Allow Streaming

7 months ago 0

Short Bytes: Bram Cohen, BitTorrent creator, has revealed that the free and lightweight torrent client uTorrent is moving to your web browser. The upcoming release will let you run uTorrent right inside your web browser and come with streaming functionality. With a new interface, Cohen wants to improve the overall streaming and torrent experience.

Talking to TorrentFreak, BitTorrent creator, Bram Cohen, said that the next iteration of uTorrent will run right inside your web browser. This will also enable new features like streaming.

He also talked about his cousins Bob Delamar and Jeremy Johnson, who became the co-CEOs of BitTorrent and wasted millions trying to turn it into the “next Netflix.”

The cousins also ditched Maelstrom, which was BitTorrent’s browser project. Cohen says that Maelstrom wasn’t shipped as “incompetent” Jeremy thought he had some genius and better idea. Ultimately, it damaged the whole Maelstrom project.

Well, many features of Maelstrom are being integrated into the new uTorrent release. The main difference is that you won’t need to install a different web browser.

Cohen also said that the main revenue stream of uTorrent will be in-client advertising. However, many changes on the user-friendliness front will also be made.

The end users react in many different ways when major changes like this are rolled out. Cohen knows that. So, BitTorrent isn’t going to force the new version before receiving proper feedback.